Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ACC: Woe!

After much thought, I am going to have to back out of the ACC.  When I entered, I neglected to take into account the effect the Fall and Winter weather has on my pain levels, which in turn effect how much physical activity (such as sewing, jewelry, & other handwork) I can accomplish.  If my pain dictates I can only do a couple of things a day, then my business orders must come first!  I'm still planning on keeping up on the other entrants' progress, and hopefully I'll still be able to get something new done before Solstice, even if it is only some new accessories.  I was planning on continuing to post my crafty projects to this blog even after the ACC was concluded, so I'm just looking at it this way: that phase of the blog is just being started a little earlier!

So, I hope my followers won't stop checking in on my little crafty world...I still hope to be able to share some of my inspiration with you and read your comments!  :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

ACC: Earrings mockup

I've always liked Maria di Cosimo's earrings in this portrait:
Her earrings aren't the usual simple drop pearl, but rather a pearl suspended from a diamond setting.  Simple but beautiful!  I have all the findings to make these except for the "diamonds."  So, while I'm waiting for mine to show up (though, alas, I could only afford cubic zirconia!), I consoled myself by "making" them in Illustrator, replicating as closely as I could the findings I'll be using: