Monday, August 22, 2011

ACC: Rings

I'm finally HOME!  I've been out of town so much this month (I've only been home 5 days total!) that I haven't been able to get any ACC stuff done.  Well, as a token effort before I drag my sleep hiney to bed, here are some pics of the bits I just bought to make rings:

No, the navette aka marquise cut of stone isn't period, but I loves me these settings!  Ideally, I'd like to find ring blanks with square settings, but until then, these rather awesome settings make me happy!  :)

I may or may not use these.  Probably will though, since emeralds were commonly used in period...and 'cause I love green!  :)

I'd originally wanted a dark red because rubies were one of the most used stones in period and because my girdle belt (which is finally in progress!) has red Swarovski crystals, but these hyacinth-red navettes caught my eye...