Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ACC: Verre Eglomise Pendant

I'm hoping that my wonderful and talented sister, Valerie aka Beth-a-Val, will help me with this project.  She is just amazing when it comes to painting miniatures!  Verre églomisé (gilded glass) refers to a technique where a subject is painted onto the back of a clear cabochon (glass or rock crystal), then the whole back of the cabochon is gilded.  The trickiness becomes apparent immediately: unlike most paintings, where you paint the background, then block out the main areas, then add detail, in verre églomisé you have to do everything in reverse!  I'm going to have to choose a very simple subject if I'm going to do this project, since I have very little experience with painting in general.

Early 1600s; Italy, poss Spain; V&A
 An extant example of a pendant using this technique.  The cabochon in the center of the pendant features a man riding a horse, with Latin script all around the edges.  Needless to say, I don't think I'm going to attempt anything this elaborate!

1570s; Portrait of a Woman with a Fan; Giovanni Batista Moroni 
This portrait shows a pendant very similar in style to the extant one.  I think I'll put mine on a ribbon too, though probably not a pink one.  ;)
One of 6 glass cabochons that I had kicking around in my stash.  I'm glad there's more than one, just in case I totally mess up!

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